What is Post-Covid-19 Long Haulers Syndrome?

Managing through the effects of Covid- 19, Long-Haulers or just an abrupt loss of energy due to stress comes down to a very simple answer that your insurance based doctor is not going to know how to address or they will just refer you an endocrinologist who may or may not be willing to manage your hormones.

For 26 years we have seen a huge shift in the age groups we treat. The age of metabolic syndrome patient has shifted from “Menopause and Andropause” to an overall loss of energy in people of all ages. Where people once found energy and brain clarity they are finding that they could rest all day and the foggy thinking dominates their ability to function at home and in the work place at their peak level.

Symptoms of Long Covid

Covid and the lasting effects on the body especially the brain and reproductive system of people of all ages is not very different than the metabolic syndrome that is caused by menopause in women and andropause in men. The difference is that because those are age driven it is almost impossible to find a medical doctor who can treat you correctly.

While there are many physical symptoms associated with Post Covid, Long-Haulers Syndrome and Long Covid, here are a few that can easily be attributed to the Metabolic uproar it causes. Check this list to see if more than one is affecting you. We think of metabolic changes mostly in the change of life like menopause however Post Covid Syndrome and in some cases reaction to Covid vaccines can cause similar symptoms that are treatable by a hormone specialist trained in the art of hormone optimization.

  • Constant Tiredness or fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Symptoms that get worse after physical or mental activities (also known as post-exertional malaise)
  • Difficulty thinking or concentrating (sometimes referred to as “brain fog”)
  • Headache
  • Mood changes
  • Changes in menstrual period cycles

Covid and all of its different mutations, (Delta and Omicron) are attacking the healthy or the already compromised hormone levels in people of all ages and from every walk of life. A quick and easy, non-fasting blood test done at your local LabCorp or Quest will unlock a conversation that can motivate you to explore your options to restore your bodies chemical ammunition, called hormones, in one visit to our Palm Springs office. Once we establish your care we can treat by telephone from then on regardless of where you may be. Call now to discuss your symptoms and how we determine hormone imbalances.

Visits with Our Doctors to Discuss Long Covid

Our physician is David Wilgarde M.D. who has been board certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Rehab, Pain Management and Neurological testing. While we will not be treating you for more than your hormones it is important to Dr. Wilgarde to help point you in the right direction towards the specialists you may need above and beyond hormone optimization. Dr. Wilgarde has been practicing medicine in a clinical setting as well as serving as the medical director of the medical rehabilitation program at Desert Regional Medical Hospital. After each appointment you will receive a very detailed letter that recaps your visit and highlights your hormone levels and the medication or medication changes he recommends.

We require one in person visit since the treatment often requires Testosterone optimization for men and women. Testosterone is a controlled substance and the DEA requires that we establish care in our office for you first visit. Once you start to look around at the cost of hormone programs like our you will find that the one time trip is a small investment in your prolonged relationship with us since the symptoms will only subside while you are being treated. Once our ability to manufacture our own hormones is damaged it unfortunately never is restored and will need hormone supplementation to fuel the body functions that hormones create the chemical fuel for.

Why Do I want Bio-Identical vs Synthetic Hormones?

The difference is significant. In the world of synthetic hormones, you will find that your insurance-based Dr is either hesitant or completely opposed to managing this process since this will continue throughout your lifetime. Insurance companies are very hesitant to pay for hormones and the levels at which they must fall below is so low and the dosages that they are willing to consistently prescribe is not what it takes to relieve the symptoms consistently since typically the levels continue to fall each year even with hormone supplementation.

Insurance and Prescription Information

We do not take insurance and the prescriptions are usually filled at a compounding pharmacy which is not covered by the majority of insurance companies. Why do I want to pay to make a trip to Palm Springs and then pay for my medications? The answer is found in the hundreds of patients we have treated for the past 26+ years. We can thank our founder and medical director, Neal Rouzier for creating a protocol that is life-changing. Please call so that we can discuss your situation and email the new patient packet to you as well as mail out a Rouzier booklet that will serve as a very informative guide to what each hormone is responsible for in our body and the function of our body.

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Our Vision

Our Vision at Preventive Medicine Center is to be the most sought-after, respected, scientifically based, and life-changing solution of its kind in the world. People from all walks of life seek us out because here, they are finally heard, honored, treated with dignity, and most of all healed. Contact our team today, we look forward to meeting you.