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Did you know you can get NATURAL and effective hormone replacement therapy in the Coachella Valley?

At Preventive Medicine Centers, our expert team of hormone specialists can use hormone replacements help people of all ages feel like their younger selves again! When administered by a licensed hormone doctor at a professional health and wellness center, hormone replacement therapy is a safe, effective, and reliable solution to combat the biological effects of aging. 

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Our patient advocate is happy to discuss the details of our health and wellness services and explain how we can help you get back to feeling great again!

Give our new patient advocate, Cisca Friend, a call to find out what your options are for affordable hormone optimization at 760-320-4292 or email her at cisca@preventivemedcenters.com.  She is happy to spend time discussing your individual needs and will email you a new patient packet and even mail out a Rouzier hormone booklet which is a $10 value (one per patient please).

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Dr. Neal Rouzier, MD, Founder of Preventive Medicine 

Dr. Neal Rouzier, MD, is the founder of Preventive Medicine Centers and is now serving as Medical Director of our Palm Springs clinic. Our clinic was founded in 1997.  Dr. Rouzier retired from seeing patients to devote his time to training licensed medical providers in 2016.  

When you visit Preventive Medicine Centers in Palm Springs, our health and wellness center staff will review, evaluate and prescribe a hormone replacement that is tailored to your unique needs based on affordable blood work which averages $150 for women and $161 for men for the initial visit.   You can have done at any LabCorp nationwide. We are able to prescribe HGH but it does require one additional blood test which costs $18.

We only require one in-person visit to our clinic and we can manage your case by telephone from then on.  Since most of our patients do not reside full time in California we are able to treat patients wherever they may go once we have established care in our California office.  This is mainly due to the fact that Testosterone and HGH being considered a controlled substance.

Palm Springs Clinic for Restoring Youth with Hormone Replacement

Our clinic’s goal is to help restore you back to a younger energy level, help you control your weight, address lower sex drive if needed and improve sleep. Our focus is on the PREVENTION of diseases associated with aging. While diet and exercise are a big part of health and wellness, the loss of hormones creates a need for a professional evaluation of blood work to restore the patient back to youthful levels.  We help you to optimize hormone levels that will help you to perform and function like you did at your peak.

Hormone replacement is not one-size fits all, so our hormone specialists assess the needs of clients in Palm Springs and all around the world to create a therapy plan specific to them.

Working with David Wilgarde M.D., A Rouzier trained and certified physician at the Rouzier Clinic.

First, we will order blood work that you will have done in your local area at a LabCorp location. This is a non-fasting blood test. You can go to LabCorp.com and put in your zip code to find the closest location. Our Rouzier trained hormone specialist, David Wilgarde M.D. will help you understand how hormone replacement therapy will optimize your overall health and wellness as well as meet some of your current goals.

Using the hormone calculator, you can see for yourself the percentage loss of hormones and why you don’t feel as good or the same as you did when you were in the peak of your hormones which is usually to age 35 for both men and women. You need to restore the chemical balance and provide the chemical ammunition your body needs to fill the tank and fuel all the processes you once took for granted.

Currently, we are seeing a huge influx of much younger patients who have are suffering with the effects of post Covid syndrome which can cause a metabolic storm and cause symptoms that were once mostly reserved for older people going through the change. If you are going through the hormonal changes of menopause or andropause (men) and you have also had Covid-19 and you are not finding the answers you desperately need to restore yourself back to normal metabolism, sleep and energy, call us right away to discuss your options.

With your first, one hour, in person, visit with the licensed medical profession you will be provided with a personalized therapy program that includes an explanation of your lab results and prescriptions. All follow-up evaluations and adjustments can be done by phone. All first consultations must be done in person. We are just one block from the Palm Springs Airport (PSP). Once you become an annual program patient you have unlimited, scheduled access to the doctor by phone or in person visits. It is your choice. We respect your time and do not expect any patients to travel each time to our office. Your lab work will continue to be done in a location that is closest to your home or work.

We have worked hard to make this program affordable as well as the labs needed. Our annual program does not include medications or lab test except for the first follow up set of medications only labs which is done 4-6 weeks after you start the program. We have worked hard with LabCorp to reduce the price of labs so the initial labs for men are $161 and for women they average $150. The test for HGH is an additional $18. The first follow up labs are included in your first-year program fee. Additional labs are done at the patients’ request or because the symptom has returned specific to usually one hormone and that test will need to be ordered by the patient.

There is an initial consult cost for the one-hour consult and then an annual program cost that covers the Dr services which includes a letter that is mailed to you 10 days or so after each appointment to recap each visit whether in person or by phone.

The subsequent program fee years cost $550 annually on the anniversary date of the first appointment yearly. If you bring or add a family member to the program, they will pay the initial consult and first year program fee but we give you both an incentive for joining the annual program in the renewal years. The family rate is $500 for subsequent years after your first initial program year. *These prices are subject to change.

Live Testimonials From Around The Web

"Well it’s been 12 days since I have been on my new hormone protocol, and what a world of difference 12 days can make! I actually want my husband now and my orgasms are astounding! I can finally keep up with my 71 yr old husband who started hormones a few years ago! I am sleeping much better and have cut my sleeping pill down by half and may soon not need it all. This is a drug I was TERRIFIED to give up. No more brain fog, no more rage and irritability either. The crippling arthritis in my thumbs is vastly improved. My hips don’t ache all the time. My skin looks dewy and vibrant. I no longer feel like a zombie struggling through the day and counting the hours to bedtime only to look forward to a crappy night of sleep and anxiety.

As you know, I was very afraid to take oral estradiol. After reading Estrogen Matters, I am afraid to ever stop! Not sure why the author is down on bioidenticals, but I can overlook that.

I am so very grateful that my husband convinced me to take a chance with Preventive Medicine and Dr Wilgarde!"
-Anonymous Patient
"At 45 I had a partial hysterectomy. My doctor never told me that I was going to start to experience surgical menopause or what to expect. The symptoms started with overall fatigue, lessened ability to build muscle, weight gain, irritability. Soon the hot flashes and night sweats started.

I was really feeling the 2 o'clock fog which also impaired my mental clarity. I needed help! My primary care and my gynecologist could not help me. I felt out of options and was told just to accept this as a part of aging. Well, the work force gets younger everyday and I am supposed to just accept feeling terrible? I intuitively knew that there was a safe answer to my issues. I finally found a Rouzier trained provider to help me and it has changed my life. I am passionate about continuing my treatment until my last day on earth. I am also passionate about helping any other people who are finding themselves in the "this is part of aging" vortex that offers no viable solutions. Life is good now. I am healthier than I have been both physically and mentally for the past 20 years!!"
"I am 70 years old and have been working with PMC for nine years. The relationship has changed my life. Last week I had my first 1 hour phone appointment with the doctor to go over my lab results. Never in my experience with physicians have I had such a comprehensive informative discussion. The conversation went far beyond BHRT. My doctor focuses on prevention via lifestyle and supplements. After nine years, I still have a lot to learn and improvements to make. I am absolutely delighted to have my doctor as a partner on my health journey."
"Without a doubt the MOST qualified Doctors for BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES! I could write 5 paragraphs on the health benefits I've experienced in the last 9 years from working with Preventive Medicine. The level of knowledge they have is un-paralleled."
- Lina
Our Vision

Our Vision at Preventive Medicine Center is to be the most sought-after, respected, scientifically based, and life-changing solution of its kind in the world. People from all walks of life seek us out because here, they are finally heard, honored, treated with dignity, and most of all healed. Contact our team today, we look forward to meeting you.