Frequently Asked Questions

Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQs

Q: Why do I need to make one in person visit to Palm Springs to initiate my care? Why can’t this be done by telemedicine or a zoom meeting?

A: Two reasons. 1) Testosterone is a schedule 3, controlled substance which the DEA requires for us to meet with you in person to establish patient in order to prescribe this to you. After the first visit we can talk to you by phone and you may never have to visit our office again in person.

Q: Why does my Dr say that my hormones are fine, especially my thyroid and that I do not need hormone optimization yet you believe that I do?

A: Most medical doctors, NP and PA that are insurance based are not either a) hormone trained or b) not interested in treating hormones of any kind because most insurance companies do not cover this and since they go by the lab reference values which are based on 1000 in your age group who get blood tested the most, (sick people), you look “fine” to them. They see it as a specialty.

Q: Why does my insurance based Dr offer hormones in the form of pellets but not the optimal way that is administered daily and is sustainable for a lifetime and requires no down time or risk of infection?

A: Many insurance-based doctors offer pellet therapy as a “cash” only option that adds a cash stream of business to their practice. Pellets are limited to testosterone for men and testosterone and estradiol for women which only covers part of the hormone picture especially if you are going through the change or dealing with post Covid syndrome where your Thyroid has been affected.

Q: Why do I have to pay for the prescriptions I get from your clinic at the pharmacy instead of using my regular pharmacy?

A: The gold standard in hormone optimization is to have the hormones made just for you at a compounding pharmacy. Commercial options are available but most insurance, especially Medicare will not pay for hormones. Next, the use of compounding pharmacy allows you to have complete privacy about your hormone usage which can be helpful in many situations. Since most Dr’s and or insurance companies do not understand it the judgment regarding it on your record is one you may want to find the best use of your Dr appointments focusing on why you went there today and not hormone usage. We will provide you with a letter after each visit you can give your primary care or gynecologist however, they may or may not accept it or read it and instead recommend stopping all the hormones regardless of the fact that you have never looked or felt better.

Q: What is the best way to determine if I am a candidate for hormone optimization?

A: Call our office and talk to our new patient advocate, Cisca Friend to learn more. 760-320-4292.

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